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Green Flag

2020 – The year of the Water Green Flag

We have been monitoring and conserving our use of Energy, Keeping up with our recycling, and also teaching our Children about the important role Water has to play in Climate change.

This year, our second year of the Water Green flag program, we hope to achieve our third Green flag for Water Conservation, Educating the kids, their parents and the wider community of our responsibilities.

Watch this space and our facebook page, we will show you, the tip of the iceberg, of the amount of work they are doing.

Plenty of competitions and awareness schemes coming soon.

Work is underway for the school’s Third Green Flag.

If you would like any information on the programme, or would like to be involved, please contact the school secretary. Many hands make light work!

We achieved our second Green Flag 2018

ENERGY is the second Green Flag Theme that we undertook. This theme looks at the steps which can be taken to reduce energy consumption and raise awareness of climate change issues.

Green flag 2018


Student Committee


 Parents on Committee


We planted two trees to commemorate achieving our second Green Flag


… and for the kids we had a party…

IMG_0419 IMG_0457 IMG_0464 IMG_0528

January 2018 

Well done to Amy on coming up with the best slogan for the Energy Green Code.


Slogan winner




Green Flag 2014

Our Green Flag application has been made!

Gurrane National School is delighted to be a Green Flag School.

We are so impressed by the dedication and care with which the children approached the Green Schools programme.

The day we raised the school’s first Green Flag was a proud one for all the children. 

Green Flag


The following is the Green Team Action Plan which was submitted with our Application Form.

Action/Target Person/Group Responsible Timeframe Progress Made
Elect a Committee Parents January 2014 A new Committee was elected in Nov 2014
Create a Green Flag Noticeboard Committee Members January 2014 Placed in school corridor
Divide school into zones and assign teams Parents on Committee February 2014 Completed and again in Nov 2014
Introduce compost bins in classrooms Committee February 2014 Introduced to each classroom
Encourage the use of lunchboxes Committee Ongoing Bring all packaging home. Children eat their lunch in classroom before going outside
Clothes collection Parents May 2014 and ongoing Raised money for the school from clothes recycled
Review the school Green Code Committee November 2014 A number of new slogans created by the committee
Carry out Day of Action – Notice Board display, Spring Clean and Litter pickup. Tidy up Garden Area Committee February 2014 and November 2014 Gloves and bags provided
Photocopying: Mind sheets so further copies not needed. Does it need to be photocopied? Secretary / Pupils Ongoing Awareness raised and recycling area created for waste sheets
Establish recycling unit for bottle tops and batteries Committee December 2014 Recycling boxes positioned in school
Create Green Schools page on website Committee December 2014 Page created
Messages to parents sent via text rather than notes home Secretary / Teachers Ongoing The majority of messages are sent via text to save on paper waste
Reinforce healthy eating Everyone Ongoing Sweets, crisps, chocolate not allowed in school only on Fridays. Fruit encouraged.
Carry out litter review Committee Ongoing An initial review was conducted with a follow up in Nov 2014
Publish results on Notice Board Committee December 2014
Design posters to reinforce litter awareness To be done by school pupils January 2014 Competition to take place
Recycling at home project To be done by school pupils – organised by parents on committee February 2014 Project to be determined
Playground games to be painted on the yard. Encourage the message of taking pride in keeping the school tidy Parents Association April 2014 Completed during Easter Holidays along with entire outside of school being painted.


Work is underway for the school’s Second Green Flag. If you would like any information on the programme, or would like to be involved, please contact the school secretary. Many hands make light work!