Special Guests at Gurrane School!

On Monday 2nd March, Luke, Ben and Matthew Humphreys brought in  their 2 friends – a 9 day old lamb and a bantam hen!!  The whole school got a chance to get up close and personal with these two special guests:)  The children asked lots of questions such as what breed was the lamb, why was it spotty (one child said it was like a dalmatian!), what happens it’s tail, how long does it take to grow etc.  Then there were more questions about the bantam regarding the number of eggs that it lays, etc.  The children were able to hold the animals and see what they felt like.  Mrs. Tallon even got the lamb to do some reading!   Here you can see the children greeting their special guests:)

IMG_1307 IMG_1310 IMG_1314 IMG_1315 IMG_1316 IMG_1320