Science Fair in Cork City Hall

A group of 25 children from 3rd to 6th class, Mr. O’Leary, and two parents (Noreen Healy and Jean Humphreys) headed off in a bus on 17th November to attend Discovery 2014 in Cork City Hall.  There were a number of stands on display to include Lifetime Lab, Learn it Lego, CIT/Blackrock Castle Observatory, CIT, UCC, Defence Forces, Tundall National Institute, Engineers Ireland, Trend Micro and Alimentary Pharmabiotic Centre.  Discovery is a main partner in Science Week Ireland and one of the biggest events in the Irish science calendar.

The children attended the Cork Electronics Industry Association Workshop where they spend a half an hour putting circuits together – some had voice recordings, lights, music, etc.  It was very good practical, hands-on experience for them and they had great fun assembling them.

A highlight for them was the popcorn they got after they watched a video on being safe on the internet.

It was a lovely event to attend and the children were a credit to the school.


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