Old Bear

The children in the Junior Room were enjoying a story recently called “Old Bear” by June Hissey.  



It tells the tale of how Old Bear was put into the attic for safe keeping when the children were small. but now the children are older the other toys wonder if there is some way they can rescue their old friend. 




The toys hatch a plan to build a tower to the attic. They look around the bedroom and get busy with everything and anything they can get their hands on. So we did too! We had 10minutes to see which group could build the tallest tower, and it had to support our very own Little Bear.

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Because Little Bear is the smallest he was chosen to go up to the top of the tower. Did the toys’ plan work? Well – you’ll have to read the book!


We went out to the yard for a break and when we came back – the teddies were reading the story for themselves!!!!


Surfing on the teacher’s laptop!













Little Bear was reading the story to the other teddies.


We started talking about all our own Old Bears. Some of them are reeeaaalllly old – like the same age as ourselves! We brought some of our oldest and dearest friends in to school. Some had their ears chewed from years of teething. Some were missing threads from their noses and some were worn smooth from thousands of hugs. But that is exactly why we love them so much. We had a lovely afternoon talking about our old bears and sharing memories and stories of why they mean so much to us.


 We loved showing our teddies to all our friends.

We loved showing our teddies to all our friends.